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VitaGlow Beauty Treat

Our VitaGlow Beauty Treat can help protect you from many of the ageing process ravages, both on a cellular and aesthetic level.  While it is impossible to stop the ageing process our beauty treatments can help you feel rejuvenated and slow the metabolic changes that affect the appearance of your skin.

VitaGlow helps to detoxify your body from damage caused by free radicals. This therapy also cleanses vital organs while improving the appearance of your skin, hair and nails. It will help unlock younger-looking skin. 

Vitamins And Minerals Straight To Your Cells.

Without the Wait!

Beauty Treat Signature CLinic.jpg

VitaGlow Beauty Treat

Excellence Features

The Benefits

Only the Best

  1. Boost Collagen

  2. Brighten Skin

  3. Support Health, Skin, Hair & Nail

  4. Boost Energy

  5. Mega boost of Antioxidant

  6. Detoxifies the body

  7. Anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation

Problems Treat

Outstanding Satisfaction

  • Dull skin

  • Ageing

  • Weak energy

Treated Area

Truly Top-Notch



See You Again

Once a month

Expected Downtime

Rest Break


Treatment Duration

Rest and Relax

30 mins - 1 hour

Result Duration

Best of The Best

6 - 12 months

Suggest After Treatment Care

We Care

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol

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