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Do You Need A Natural Rejuvenation Treatment? 您需要天然嫩肤治疗吗?

Wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to PRP or platelet-rich plasma? PRP is a great cosmetic injectable treatment for naturally rejuvenating the skin and repairing the signs of ageing.

Platelet-rich plasma, also known as autologous conditioned plasma, concentrates on platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells.

PRP therapy is used to describe any PRP application, or platelet-rich plasma, to benefit the body. In the context of anti-ageing, platelet-rich plasma is either injected into your skin at specific depths according to your aesthetic needs or the “blood” is spread on top of your face during treatment. Eventually, the PRP is absorbed by your skin. This cuts the recovery time from micro-needling down to nothing while speeding along the collagen production process.

The treatment involves re-injecting your own platelet-rich plasma into your skin, delivering an abundance of growth factors that stimulate the body’s normal healing response, helping you to ac

Benefits of PRP:

- Skin Rejuvenation

- Reduce Fine lines & deep wrinkles

- Decrease Acne Scars & Stretch Marks

- Tighten and tone skin

- Replace mild collagen and volume loss

- Treat Hair Loss

Come and discover the best of PRP treatment. You will never regret it!












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