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Dr CYJ Hair Filler

Dr CYJ Hair Filler is the First hair filler in the world that function with sustained Released & Peptide Technology. It is developed by Innovative Peptide Complex for Hair Regrowth & Scalp Reconstruction.

DR. CYJ Hair filler provides three main functions:

Revitalize Scalp

• provide nutrients to scalp and hair root for healthier and thicker hair

Prevent Hair Loss

• prevents hair cell death and delay catagen phase

Restore Hair Growth

• generate new hair follicle through stem cell activation

Its soft formulation made it is easy to inject and has solid clinical efficacy results in 8 weeks with a total 4 session treatment.

The Benefits:

  • Inhibit hair loss

  • Stimulate hair regrowth

  • Increase hair density and hair thickness

  • Revitalize hair follicles and hair cells

  • Stimulate blood circulation and hydration in the scalp

  • Eliminate dryness from scalp thus tackling problems like dandruff and hair dryness

Problems Treat:

· Hair loss

· Thinning and weak hair

· Hair dryness

· Alopecia / Hair fall

Treated Area: Hair Scalp

Frequency: Every fortnight (4 sessions)


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