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Ways To Prevent Eye Bag 延缓眼袋出现的小撇步

A healthy diet and good skin are important ways to prevent eye bags.

Eyes Care:

~ Put some cucumber slices on the skin under the eyes before going to bed. Do it often may get the beauty effect of reducing the bags under the eyes.

~ Papaya and mint can be soaked into hot water to make tea. Apply to the skin after cooling. Papaya tea not only relieves tired eyes but also relieves the eyes bag.

~ Make good use of appropriate eye cream, especially on the weaker skin around the eyes,

tap and massage the eyes for about 30 seconds.




- 睡前在眼下部皮肤上贴黄瓜片,坚持久用,可收到减轻下眼袋的美容效果。

- 可利用木瓜加薄荷浸在热水中制成茶,晾凉后涂敷在眼下皮肤上。木瓜茶不仅可舒缓 疲劳的眼睛,而且还有减轻眼下囊袋之功效。

- 善用合适的眼霜,特别在眼周较软弱的皮肤上重点轻敲、按摩,双眼分别进行30圈次。

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