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Signature Mint® ThreadLift

Signature Mint® ThreadLift is a breakthrough and safe solution to sagging skin. Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread - MINT PDO is from South Korea, and it is a safe & effective absorbable suture made from a biocompatible material called PDO, polydioxanone.

Mint PDO provides the effective, natural and quality result. It is excellent for face lifting and V-shaping! You can dramatically improve your looks and reduce the signs of ageing instantly.



Mint Lift

Signature Mint® ThreadLift

Excellence Features

The Benefits

Only the Best

  • Instant skin lifting

  • Cellular renewal

  • Improve skin texture and elasticity

  • Instant lines and wrinkles reduction

  • Skin tightening

  • Defined jaw V-line

  • FDA approved

Problems Treat

Outstanding Satisfaction

  • Ageing

  • Line and wrinkles

  • Sagging and tiredness skin

  • Double chin

  • Nasolabial folds

  • Droopy eyelids

Treated Area

Truly Top-Notch

Face / Neck


See You Again

Every 2 year / When necessary

Expected Downtime

Rest Break

No (Bruising / Skin Redness / Swelling)

Treatment Duration

Rest and Relax

1 hour

Result Seen

Outstanding Improvement

Immediately / Better result after 10 - 14 days

Result Duration

Best of The Best

18 – 24 months

Suggest After Treatment Care

We Care

  • Do NOT, touch, press, or rub face for 6 hours

  • Avoid big facial expressions for 2 weeks

  • Avoid vigorous exercise, sun and heat exposure

  • Avoid sauna, hot bath or massage for 1 week

  • Avoid cosmetic treatments for 3 weeks

  • A facelift bandage is advisable to wear for 2 weeks

  • Sleep face-up for the next 3 days

  • Avoid alcohol consumption

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