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Isolaz PPX Acne Therapy

Isolaz PPX Acne Therapy is the first clinically proven painless treatment for acne and skin rejuvenation. It uses vacuum technology to help deep clean, remove dirt, dead cells and excess oil from your pores. The latest development in Light-based Technology, known as Photopneumatic Therapy (Photopneumatic Therapy is a USA FDA cleared therapy). It's one of the most highly effective skin rejuvenation treatments available today.

The Isolaz PPX treatment is a safe, quick, non-invasive and no downtime. The treatment gives you a more youthful, radiant and smoother complexion. 

It’s an ideal lunchtime treatment for your acne!


Isolaz PPX Acne Therapy

Excellence Features

The Benefits

Only the Best

  • Remove Blotchy and Uneven Skin Pigmentation

  • Treat Active Acne

  • Reduce Redness of the Skin

  • FDA Approved 

  • Skin Revitalisation and Rejuvenation

Problems Treat

Outstanding Satisfaction

  • Mild to Moderate Acne

  • Pustular Acne

  • Comedonal Acne (Blackheads & Whiteheads)

  • Mild to Moderate Inflammatory Acne

  • Skin Pigmentation

  • Acne Rosacea

  • Thread Veins on the Face

  • Sun-Damaged Skin

Treated Area

Truly Top-Notch



See You Again

One a month (3 – 4 sessions)

Expected Downtime

Rest Break


Treatment Duration

Rest and Relax

30 mins

Result Seen

Best of The Best

24 - 48 hours

Suggest After Treatment Care

We Care

  • Avoid sunlight

  • No special measures need to be taken

  • Resume regular activities immediately

  • Stay hydrated and drink more water

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